Display Information

Vendor display fee includes one 8’ x 6’ (approximate) area with 6’ long x 30” wide table and a back table for a table top display sign, 6’ long x 18” wide. Two chairs, table drapes and 110-volt power are also provided. Wireless Internet access is available free in the ballroom area and normally works quite well. Wired Internet connections, special lighting needs and other special requirements are available at an extra cost. We may be able to handle slightly larger displays. Please contact us prior to the event for any special needs. (Displays that take up two booth areas will incur an additional charge.)

Vendor displays are set up around the perimeter of a rectangular ballroom area. Additional display area is created by post and drape that extends through the middle of the ballroom area. Vendor displays are also lined up on each side of the post and drape. WRGC normally assigns display spaces on a first-come, first-served basis. Special requests will be considered. Consideration is also given to vendor set-up based on type of product or service. (Vendors with similar products or services will not be placed proximal to each other.)



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